Introducing United Caring Services

Since 1991 United Caring Shelters has grown to provide for life’s basic necessities for hundreds of men, women and children 24/7/365. And we WANT and NEED to do more. We are in a unique situation that allows us to provide help when and where it is needed most; help that will END DEPENDENCE for the individuals who come through our doors every day, seeking an opportunity for starting over and rebuilding a life of gratitude and freedom.

Nobody likes to depend on handouts, everyone wants and needs to be productive and self-sustaining. To make this possible for every guest who walks through our door, we have expanded our Vision of what we can do to help. We have changed our name to reflect this expanded vision, United Caring Services; A Community of Caring, because we want and need to do more! There are new understandings, new resources, new opportunities…… and a new logo that emphasizes the Caring, because that is why we are here.

Please visit our new website at